Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a 
401K, I have a pension plan. Is there anything you can do to help me?

Absolutely! We explain how pension plans work and options available. 

What company's products do you sell? 

Our business focuses on planning, not selling products. We work with a variety of different companies to find the products and services that work best for each individual client.

Can you help me decide the best time to take my Social Security? 

Yes! We offer complimentary Social Security Maximization Reports and will help you create an online account and sign up. 

I would like a better return on my investment than what I am getting from my CD at the bank. Can you help?

Yes - we have access to various companies with different products and often can get you a much better rate. 

Client Testimonials

At Bill Kinder and Associates our clients needs is of upmost importance.
The way our clients view our business is essential to run the business. 


“It was a busy morning and we came into your office uncertain how to approach you with our financial questions. Your expertise in all avenues of money matters intimidated me, more so than it did my husband. However, you were so pleasant, extremely helpful and didn’t let my anxiety affect your kindness to us. You were so patient in explaining each question we had and you never pressured us at all, but presented your ideas in a calm, professional way that we both admired and understood. We expected a fee for all your expert advice, but you said ‘No.’ The way you come to the aid of others is amazing. Your giving nature and unselfish ways are a blessing to everyone who knows you. May you be blessed for the kindness you’ve shown us. Sincere thanks.”  

-Client's Letter


“Thank you for your role in making me aware of the Social Security Survivor’s benefit. I knew of such a benefit when there are underage children, but since I had been divorced for 19 years and my ex-husband had been deceased for nine, and my children have long been adults, I never dreamt that such a benefit was available to me. … You asked me if I knew the hundreds of dollars the benefit would mean since I can now defer tapping into my own Social Security until age 70. After my phone call to the Social Security office, I went numb as the meaning began to filter in. First, the irony of the situation was overwhelming. My husband, who had trouble providing financially in life, inadvertently, because of the Widow’s Survivor Benefits, provided upon his death. Second, even if I quit work now (which isn’t my plan) and let my own Social Security benefits accrue until age 70, I would have an extra $500 each month, which translates to $60,000 in my seventh decade. That means I can quit wondering what on earth I will do when my now six-year-old car dies or how I will replace aging and expensive dental work necessitated by a childhood accident. It means that I can substitute teach if and when I want to and that I will finally have the luxury of time to explore painting as I began to when getting an art education degree years ago. Third, since the Social Security payment is retroactive to the month that I turned full retirement age this year, I will have a lump sum coming and will receive a payment each month which, while I am still working, is beyond what I normally make. That extra could not have come at a better time since I am trying to do repairs on the family home and make adjustments that will keep my elderly mother, who is on a walker, more comfortable. This turn of events gives me choices! I feel as if I have wrestled with a (financial) bear for a long time, and now that energy is freed, and it all turned out okay. … Thus, this development, which will bring a higher Social Security benefit in addition to my pension, provides enormous satisfaction even beyond the monetary value. It is probable that without your guidance the Survivor’s benefits would have been overlooked. I would have asked whether my benefit or my husband’s would be greater, and no doubt, nothing more would have been suggested. I NOW SEE THE WISDOM IN CONSULTING A FINANCIAL PLANNER, EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO SUBSTANTIAL ESTATE TO MANAGE. Thank you for your help! Sincerely.”  

-Clients Letter


I have consulted Bill Kinder for over 20 years for financial planning and guidance. When I lost my husband in April 2022, I called his office because I was in a state of mind where I didn’t know what I was dealing with. I needed answers to questions and didn’t know what the questions were.
Kim met with me to help me sort through my husband’s accounts and file death claims. She called the companies with me and asked questions to figure out my options – she didn’t leave me to do it alone. Kim was patient, listened to me, and was knowledgeable. She is open when she isn’t sure about a question and looks into it, and I appreciate that.
Kim made recommendations and a plan for handling my husband’s accounts. I feel like it is a good solid plan that will take care of me in the coming years.
I will recommend Kim to my family and friends for their financial needs. She is accessible, very responsive, and keeps me up to date on my accounts.

-Clients Letter