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Top Money Tips for the Ladies

Top Money Tips for the Ladies At one time, all financial decisions were left to the man of the house. Women are no longer relegated to the kitchen while the men talk finances with the banker or broker. In fact, most women are encouraged to join in the conversation and add to the conversation of […]

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10 Questions To Ask a Financial Advisor

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Financial advisors are trained to help people with personal finance and can be extremely helpful, particularly when you are dealing with suddenly managing larger sums of money or need to do tax planning to conserve as much money as possible for yourself or your heirs. Many people find that […]

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Should You Save More For Retirement Or Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Whether it’s better to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule or invest and save towards retirement is a perennial – and perennially difficult question in the world of retirement planning. It really depends on your current financial situation as well as your age. More to the point, it largely comes down to whether you’re […]

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